Greeting (Eto Calligraphy) Year of Dog

G13a G13b G13c G13d G13e
G13f G13g G13h G13i G13j
IssueGreeting (Eto Calligraphy)
First Day1 December 2005
Quantity1,0010,000 sheets
Denomination80 yen x 10
Designs G13a "Inu (dog)" by tensho style resembling birds and insects
G13b "Inu (dog)" by kinbun style
G13c "Inu (dog)" by pictograph
G13d "Inu (dog)" by phonetic letters
G13e "Inu (dog)" by tensho style resembling birds and insects (Kishimoto Tarou)
G13f "Inu (dog)" by tensho style in half-moon
G13g "Inu (dog)" by symbolic characters
G13h "Inu (dog)" by the semicursive style
G13i "Inu (dog)" by the semicursive style
G13j "Inu (dog)" by koukotsumoji style
Size25.0 x 33.5 mm
PrintingOffset in 5 colours and embossing
Sheet10 stamps sheet
Calligraphers G13a Ooi Kintei
G13b Takagiwa Suihou
G13c Kaneko Takayoshi
G13d Yonemoto Ikkou
G13e Kishimoto Tarou
G13f Tsujimoto Daiwun
G13g Seki Masato
G13h Tanaka Touwun
G13i Katou Shoudou
G13j Kobayashi Hougyu
LayoutMorita Motoharu (stamp designer)

The data are based on the Publicity of Japan Post.

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[Small Note on Stamps]
According to Eto, the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac, 2006 is the year of Inu (dog). The stamps depict the characters for "Inu" in various calligraphic styles that they can be used in all seasons for greetings.