Commemorative and Special Issues of Japan in 1998

The detailed information of each issue is edited according to the MPT's Publicity.

Date of Issue
Catalog No. and Denomination
January 26My Favourite Song Series 3C1611: 50 yen, C1612: 80 yen
February 5Nagano Winter Olympic GamesC1654-1663 (10)
50 yen x 5, 80 yen x 5
Nagono Winter ParalympicsC1665-1666: a setenant
pair of 80 yen and 50 yen
February 23Traditional Japanese House Series 2C1636-1637: a setenant
pair of 80 yen
March 6The 50th Anniversary of Fire Service in JapanC1667-1668: a setenant
pair of 80 yen
March 16My Favourite Song Series 4C1614: 80 yen
March 23My Favourite Song Series 4C1613: 50 yen
April 17Philatelic Week 1998C1669: 80 yen
April 281998 Year of France in JapanC1670: 110 yen
May 8National Afforestation Campaign 1998C1671: 50 yen
May 25My Favourite Song Series 5C1615: 50 yen, C1616: 80 yen
June 22Traditional Japanese House Series 3C1638-1639: a setenant
pair of 80 yen
July 6My Favourite Song Series 6C1617: 50 yen, C1618: 80 yen
July 23Letter Writing DayC1672-1673: a setenant
pair of 50 yen
C1674-1676: 80 yen x 3
August 22Traditional Japanese House Series 4C1640-1641: a setenant
pair of 80 yen
September 11The 53rd National Athletic MeetC1679: 50 yen
October 6International Letter Writing Week /
C1680-1681: a se-tenant
pair of 90 yen
C1682-1683: a se-tenant
pair of 110 yen
C1684-1685: a se-tenant
pair of 130 yen
November 21998 Volleyball World ChampionshipsC1686-1689: a se-tenant
strip of four 80 yen
November 4Men of Culture 1998C1690: 80 yen, C1691: 80 yen
November 13New Year's Stamps for 1999
(semi-postal stamp with lottery)
N81: 50+3 yen, N82: 80+3 yen
November 13New Year's Stamps for 1999N79: 50 yen, N80: 80 yen
November 24My Favourite Song Series 7C1619: 50 yen, C1620: 80 yen
December 2Centenary of Friendship between
Japan and Argentina
C1692: 80 yen
December 10The 50th Anniversary of
the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
C1693: 50 yen, C1694: 70 yen
C1695: 80 yen, C1696: 90 yen
December 15The 50th Anniversary of
the New Year's Stamps
C1697-1700: a se-tenant
block of four 50 yen

Japanese Stamp Specialized Catalog (JSCA) and SAKURA Catalog numbers are adopted.

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